Yellie is a 77-year-old woman who is taking care of her husband. She lives together with her husband and for 3 years she is also in need of care. She lives in Amsterdam and has been active in politics. 

Home Care

Beside the care Yellie takes of her husband, there is also a formal home care organisation that visits him 3 times a day. They help for example with dressing, showering and insulin injections. Even when they are moved, the schedule has stayed the same. They are happy with these nurses, they know them pretty well.

Probably they will move to a senior apartment next year, where there will be elderly care as well. A disadvantage is that there will not be a meal available. She hopes that it will be possible to organise this together with other residents.

“It is nice when there are joint coffee moments, activities, meals and concerts. I would like to commit myself to organise that.” 

Importance of the neighbourhood

Yellie has been active for ‘De Flesseman’ for years. This is a centre for elderly with activities, affordable meals, coffee moments, game nights etc. It was a special place that was funded by the government, but unfortunately the function for the neighbourhood will disappear because of a lack of money. Her husband went every evening to De Flesseman for a meal. It was a very important place for the neighbourhood.

“It is a real loss, for ourselves but especially also for older residents. It is not only functional for an affordable meal, but also for having a walk, for the activities and for the social aspect. These are the kind of places that are very important!” 


Since Yellie has had an accident she is not as mobile anymore. She can not bike anymore, so she uses other ways of transport. In Amsterdam there is an organisation that offers a transport service for elderly people, often shared with multiple passengers. There is also a national service which can bring her to the train station by taxi and offers help with bringing her to the right track.

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