Elder Care

A Common Challenge – Two Different Cultural Perspectives

that we partnered with Kennisland Foundation from the Netherlands is supported within the scope of “Civil Society Dialogue Programme”. Focusing on the aging population and elderly care in the Netherlands and Turkey, our project evaluates the context in both countries from the perspective of culture. Therefore, the objective is to reach a more comprehensive synthesis by revealing out approaches of both countries to aging, determine strong and weak points and having both countries learn from each other.


Ageing population, especially care of elderly is a serious social challenge commonly faced by the EU and Turkey.

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 Guven Education and Health Foundation is non-governmental organization that aims to solve social problems parallel with the global transformation.

Kennisland researches and designs social progress. We are an independent group of academics, strategists, researchers and designers.

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Methodology of the project oriented to bridging different cultural perspectives and finding new ways of working and cooperation. 

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A sustainable civil society dialogue on elderly care

Based on this project that has been created to develop a sustainable civil society dialogue between Turkey and the Netherlands regarding care of the elderly, following processes are managed to prove that closer and cooperative work between two societies will create a positive effect on their lives and they can learn from each other’s lives.

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Desktop Study

This activity will enable implementation of the methodology and provide guidance for the rest of the action. They will take special care that the working groups will provide outputs in line with the action research approach and to avoid preparing just an academic report ignoring the change / solution/intervention dimensions.

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Working Groups

The working groups collect and interpret the stories of people who are working in one of those healthcare providers in both countries. A special priority will be given for those cases reflecting cultural aspects. As a follow-up the team evaluates collectively those stories and chases emerging thematic threads up to institutional levels. The purpose is to consciously create new insights, new ideas and new solutions for the wicked problems in both countries.

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Collecting Stories

This method not only makes it possible to retrieve stories, but also connects them in order to distil collective knowledge and insights. In a number of steps, we collect and interpret the available knowledge, needs and wishes together. The approach is an inclusive process (we involve the parties and people affected by it) in which the express intention is that we not only arrive at insights, but also actions and "owners" of these actions. This will make the dialogue sustainable.


Within the project that  started on April 1st, 2021, the effect of cultural differences in Dutch and Turkish societies on the life of elderly population will be studied and means of social innovation will be investigated..

The main target group of the project is non-governmental organizations that undertake care of the elderly population in Turkey and in the Netherlands.

Our Project “A Common Challenge - Two Different Cultural Perspectives” funded pursuant to IPA II is entitled to be supported by CENTRAL FINANCE AND TENDER DEPARTMENT of TURKISH MINISTRY OF TREASURY AND FINANCE.

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