Yaşar Elgün

Yaşar Elgün

Yaşar Elgün was born on 03.07.1943 in Ankara into a poor family with four children. She completed her primary and secondary education in Ankara. She started working at General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre- with daily wage because she was younger than 18 - two years following graduation from secondary school. Following 17-year experience there, she was accepted to her next care at Prime Ministry office. She worked as a private secretary of the Minister there and retired in her fifties. Devoted most of her life to her family, Ms. Yaşar has never married. She lost her mother before getting over death of her father. Her two siblings passed away afterwards.

What does She Do Now?

She lives alone in Ankara. Her nephew provides material aid and spiritual support to her. Being a member of UYSAF, Ms. Yaşar goes to the association every day and works voluntarily in social activities. She likes reading books and newspapers. Being a great supporter of Beşiktaş Football Club, Ms. Yaşar watches football matches in stadium when possible. She emphasizes that she owes her life energy to that fanaticism. Ms. Yaşar also needs to mention that her nephew has a very crucial role in her socialization.

Ageing for her

She specifies that she felt ageing following her retirement and this felt was further intensified by simultaneous loss of family members.

She defines being elderly as “A lone wolf”. She adds the importance of being healthy and family bonds.

How has being elderly changed her life?

She states that her work, family and social lives have dramatically changed. She emphasizes that outcome of being elderly is loneliness.

Her thoughts about respect seniors

She is further aware that young people should respect seniors and she exemplifies this fact with a question: “Hi aunty, would you need us help carry your shopping bags to your home”. She believes that the young people, who respect seniors, are “A reward/miracle by God”.

Need for support in daily life activities

Her personal needs, especially the monetary ones, are met by her nephew. Because her retirement wage is hardly sufficient to pay the house rent. She can deal with her personal care and daily housework.

Being old in Turkey

She emphasizes that it is difficult to be old in Turkey. She complains of the failure to facilitate life of seniors in common places and streets. The example specified by Ms. Yaşar is the height of pedestrian ways. She also adds that there are monetary challenges for the elderly in Turkey.

Her expectations from Government

She requests that moral and material support is available for the elderly and that comfort of the elderly is taken into consideration in common places by municipalities.

Things she wants to change in Turkey, if in her power

Material/monetary support for the elderly,

Voluntary construction of the sheltered housing to facilitate accommodation for the elderly,

Creating environments that enable them socialize and meet their peers,

Advices for young people to prepare for aging well…

Create solutions for current economic problems of Turkey by improving themselves well through good education,

Avoid leaving home country and migrating to other countries,

Adapting Ataturk’s principles literally to their lives,

Invest on their old ages through regular exercise and healthy eating.

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