Nurten Kızal

Nurten Kızal

Nurten Kızal was born in Ankara on 21.10.1946 into a family that migrated from Albania. She was raised by this warm-hearted family. Completed high school education in Ankara High School for Girls, Nurten Kızal had her Bachelor’s Degree at Faculty of Language History and Geography, Ankara University. She started working at a Bank while studying at the university.

She met her spouse, who was also her classmate, during university years and her married life was full of love. As a result, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Started her career as a bank employee, Nurten Kızal retired from the same bank as a manager. She started painting after 60 years of age. At the beginning, her spouse underestimated her efforts on painting. Further, He was joking around with her by saying “Picasso”. She had an opportunity to exhibit her paintings at 74 years of age, thanks to a master painter who noticed her skills.

Describing this exhibition lasting for six days by saying “It was the most beautiful six days of my life”, Nurten Kızıl presented her 53 paintings in the exhibition, sold 43 of them and donated 10 to UYSAF where she attended as a volunteer.

What does She Do Now?

Emphasizing that painting make her feel special, Kızal states that She is engaging in painting for 10 years and She tries to look at the life from a different perspective. She states that She is a lively woman, her soul is young and she is ignoring physical pains.

Nurten Kızıl lives for love and enjoy.

Precious things for her in old age

She states that life itself is the most valuable thing for her. Taking breath and feeling the sun are wonderful things in life according to her.

Her thoughts about respect seniors

She thinks that people living in rural areas still show respect to seniors but young people living in urban areas do not show that much respect to them.

Need for support in daily life activities

Kızal states that she is able to perform daily life activities and cleaning routine, goes to hairdresser for hair care and manicure and asks help from a housekeeper for housework.

Being old in Turkey

She states that being old in Turkey is difficulty but she is not too much obsessed with this issue.

Things she want to change in Turkey, if in her power

“She wants to give love to seniors who are in need for love”.

Advices for young people to prepare to age well…

Cherish your body health.

Always try to learn new things even if you get old.

Develop hobbies.

Read a lot and criticize order.

Stay strong against life’s challenges.

Mrs. Nurten says: “Education is must for every girl. Girls should become financially independent. Because women in Turkey are being pushed into the background. This issue can be overcome with well-educated women.”

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