Ayşe Dilek Mocan

Ayşe Dilek Mocan

Ayşe Dilek Mocan was born in Ankara in 1956. She graduated from The School of Press and Broadcasting, Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University. Since her spouse was an inspector and she gave birth at young age, she did not work. Lived in Germany because of her spouse’s job, Mocan came back to Turkey in 1992. She could not work at public broadcasting corporations due to political events at that time. Commercial broadcasting had not been initiated yet at that period of time.

Being mom of three children, Ms. Mocan started spending time with her children to look after and raise them. Thinking that “This country educated and helped me to improve myself. So, I should do something for this country.”, She participated in various nongovernmental organizations and worked at the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life actively. She undertook to provide funding for educating children in Germany with the help of her friends.

Helped more than 100 children study with her team, Ms. Mocan is now supporting 26 children for their education.

Ayşe Dilek Mocan lost her mother and five relatives due to Gölcük earthquake in 1999, which deeply saddened people in Turkey and all around the world. This event caused a severe mental trauma and thus, She received PSYCHOLOGICAL support at that period of time.

In the belief that She could overcome the trauma by helping children affected with the same earthquake, She arranged various organizations to provide child survivors of the earthquake with PSYCHOLOGICAL support and clothes.

Ms. Mocan continues working as a volunteer at UYSAF since 2004.

What does She Do Now?

She is working actively for organizations arranged by UYSAF. She conducts various projects for elderly care and social activities for elderly.

Ageing for her

She thinks that one is young if his/her soul remains young. She states that She feels young, but her body is old. She describes ageing with an American Indian saying: “The soul runs faster than the body”.

Need for support in daily life activities

She states that She found someone only for house cleaning and housework and She can maintain her life without assistance.

Being old in Turkey

In our culture, elderly are considered as persons who look after grandchildren and stay inactive. Ms. Mocan complains of this issue and states that elderly are isolated from social activities; they should be given opportunities to make contribution to society.

Her expectations from Government

Sidewalks should be designed to provide comfortable spaces for older adults.

It is required to raise awareness on elderly care and respect for seniors. Number of public nursing homes should be increased and their standards should be improved.

Advices for young people to prepare to age well…

Invest in future while still young.

Be active and have healthy diet.

Conserve humanitarian values.

Always empathize with others.

Be positive.

Learn from mistakes.

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